Hi! My name is Leslie. Most importantly, I am a wife and a mama. I am a self-taught photographer with a passion for snapping photos.

My passion really started in the 8th grade with my dad's film Canon camera. He taught me what all the settings meant and how to use them as we went around my hometown of Nacogdoches taking pictures. In college, I worked for a local newspaper while attending Texas A&M (whoop!) photographing local events. My degree in marketing landed a me job as the Marketing Specialist at a small company, and once my first baby was born, I decided to stay at home with her. After my second baby was born, I felt the desire to do something more with my camera and had always loved the idea of birth photography. Luckily, I had several pregnant friends that were willing to be my "testers" and after photographing their births and newborns, I was hooked.  Mama Bear was named after me and my sweet friend's conversations about going into "mama bear mode" when anyone seemed threatening to our kids.  

My goal is to provide high quality images at a price people can afford. I love the absolute miracle of birth. I love babies. I love seeing the bond of families. And I love capturing memories of all these things for my clients. 

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